2012 Scripting Games | Format-Done

Wow! Just submitted my 10th and final script for the 2012 Scripting Games. This was my first year completing the events, I had made a brief effort in the past but not followed through. I’m really glad I did this year. So far I think it has been a good experience. I just reviewed the fist set of scripts I had submitted and I can already see some things that I improved on from those early entries. I’m looking forward to seeing more comments as they roll in on my submissions.

It was quite an effort, all of my free time over the last 2 weeks has gone into PowerShell and I don’t think I’ve done that much sustained PowerShell problem solving in quite a while. I was beginning to dream in verbs, nouns, and parameters. I’m definately better for it and that is a good thing. A couple times I was pretty ready to be done, and thought I might pull the cord on it this year.

I think the lesson I learned while in the midst of the challeges was to “Walk Away”. I solved things in 10 minutes after walking away what took me hours of dead-end troubleshooting. I think that was my single biggest take-away. No amount of Get-Help or Google will solve your tunnel-vision.

I think I have a lot more to write about, both in regards to the Games and PowerShell in general but I’m going to be taking a little time off.



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