International PowerShell User Group Day

The International PowerShell User Group Day will be held on March 19th, just a month from today. Not even really a full month but since it is a leap year in 2012  February does give ya a little extra!

The concept is quite ambitious but it should be a lot of fun and there will be a lot of smart,experienced, PowerShell users involved. So those who are new to PowerShell or are experienced yourself will be able to get something out of it.

It is also a really good excuse to seek out a PowerShell group in your area and attend. Also remember to keep attending after IPUGD. If there isn’t one in your area find some like minded PowerShell users and start one. The IPUGD website has all the details on finding a usergroup in your area.

Also checkout this Scripting Guys blog post from last year about starting a new group if none exists in your area.

The gratuitous PowerShell to remind you of the impending event!

(Get-Date "19 March 2012") - (Get-Date)

See ya on IPUG day!



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