Code Katas and PowerShell

Saw a blog entry on Development in a Blink today that had a lot of information that I am going to need to process further. The post was in response to Code Katas, effectively programming practice exercises.

The PowerShell code Doug created as his solution to task presented in one of the Katas was powerful yet, simple and elegant. I immeadeately recognized so many activities where that code itself would come in handy. More importantly I recognized that this is the type of PowerShell code that I want too, that I need too, be developing.

I really need to examine all of the Code Katas further, the Katas themselves are not language specific but task and problem-centric. The data munging example of this post is so central to PowerShell’s idea of commands chained together via the pipeline. This information warrants much further perusal and absorption by me.

PowerShell is a powerful tool but only if you use it and extend it in a way that is in line with its fundamental approaches.


One response to “Code Katas and PowerShell

  1. Joel, thanks for checking out my PowerShell Kata.

    They are great exercises for the brain and while they are a good way to learn PowerShell, they work for any language.


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